27/05/15 - Australian Government Announces New Changes in Investment Visa

With the aim of increasing Australia’s economic benefit in the long term, Australia’s Government will implement changes to the investment visa category, especially for the Premium Investor Visa. This change is expected to attract a small number of highly talented business people in Australia.


Starting from July 2015 a new Significant Investors Visa (SIV) applicant needs to invest at least $5 million in complying savings. It consists of $500,000 in Australian capital, small private firms, private fund investing in start-up and many additional funds. In two years, the Australia Government hopes to increase this to $1 million for new applications.

The Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Security, the Hon Michaelia Cash, said that the SIV program is a golden opportunity for international investors to take Australian visa and become a permanent resident. They will improve Australian business and raise their national income.

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