26/05/17 - Changes to Australian Citizenship Summary

The Turnbull Government will strengthen Australian citizenship by putting Australian values at the heart of citizenship processes and requirements. As a result, Australian Government’s efforts of strengthening the citizenship have included the following summary of changes.  

  • Increasing the general residence requirement
    • Applicant needs to demonstrate a minimum of four years of residence up from the current 12 months.
  • Introducing an English Language Test
    • Applicants need to demonstrate a competent level of English listening, speaking, reading and writing before being able to sit for the citizenship test.
  • Strengthening Australian Values
    • Visa application forms will include reference to allegiance to Australia and required to demonstrate evident of contribution to Australian community. For specific information of evidence, please consult with one of our agents today.
  • Strengthening Australian Citizenship test
    • Additional test questions about Australian values, privileges and responsibilities
  • Strengthening Pledge Commitment 
    • Strengthening the Pledge of commitment in the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 to refer to allegiance to Australia; and extending the requirement for individuals aged 16 years and over to make the Pledge of commitment to all streams of citizenship by application, including citizenship by descent, adoption and resumption.

At Uvision, our migration agents are first hand aware of the changes which could potentially affect your migration pathway. For more detailed information, we suggest to to consult with a migration agent, contact us today