22/06/17 - Citizenship Law Opposition

On Tuesday 21st, the Australian Labour party drew a line and unanimously voted to reject the Government’s citizenship legislation to amend and tighten laws to become Australian citizens.


More specifically the Labour MPS have opposed the controversial citizenship bill that included permanent residency obligation from 1 to 4, increased language requirement, strengthening of the test to assess commitment to Australian values and demonstration of integration to the community. Labour MP Mr Bourke describe the university level requirement was ‘ludicrous, absurd and dumb’ which would affect the Australian Society for worse by further segregating second class Australian citizens.

Labour pointed out the legislation has not yet been drafted, in part because the Turnball government is in consultation with these proposed changes.The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has yet to decide it will publish the submissions.

The MIA submission responding to the DIBP'S Strengthening the test for Australian Citizenship discussion paper is available on the MIA website. The MIA expressed concern at many of the proposed amendments in the discussion paper and made recommendations for changes to these.