21/05/15 - South Australia Releases New State Nominated Occupations List

South Australia Releases New State Nominated Occupations List


The South Australian government announced On 8 April 2014,a new State Nominated Occupations List (SNOL), including 18 new occupations now classified as "in demand" in that state. The list has included: Sports Administrator, Cook ,Chef, Customer Service Manager, Librarian and some engineering professional such as Aeronautical Engineer and Biomedical Engineer.


Another important change introduced by South Australia is the creation of two separate lists, being: the State Occupation List (available to all applicants) and the South Australian Graduates list which is only available to international graduates who have completed a bachelor degree or higher at a South Australian university or education institution.


In order to qualify for nomination by South Australia, applicants must nominate an occupation on the SNOL and meet other basic eligibility requirements. Most of these requirements mirror those set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) such as age and English language. However South Australia also requires applicants to provide details of their financial capacity and to demonstrate their commitment to South Australia.

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