20/09/16 - Migrants are generally more skilled than the average Australian

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a publication showing that generally Migrants are more skilled than your average Australian citizen.


This publication is referred to "adult migrants" (aged 15-64) which is migrants who were born outside of Australia and were at least 15 years when they entered the country. 


Last year 73% of adult migrants came in with qualification higher than high school, compared to 58% of those born in Australia.


Migrants holding Bachelor degrees or higher upon arrival increased from 23% (recorded in 2001) to 45% (migrants after 2010) the ABS revealed. Female adult migrants made a notable difference with 32% holding qualifications higher than high school in 2001 to 61% for those arriving after 2010.


It was also recorded in 2015 that 79% of adult migrants who arrived with a qualification other than school were employed were employed compared to 63% of employed people born in Australia.


Source - The Australian Bureau of Statistics


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Team Uvision