19/05/15 - MIA propose a balance right for overseas workers

A recent report from MIA- Migration Institute of Australia mentioned that overseas workers are highly important to the contribution of the Australian economy and that's why the government should implement a balance right on overseas skilled workers.


Everyone knows that any country will need the support of foreign workers at some point. This enrich the country because overseas skilled workers bring a different prospective and vision that helps to innovate and develop Australian companies. Mentioned Ms Chan.


The controversy comes when an overseas skilled worker and an Australian born are competing for a job position. Recent Reports shows that there are not many qualified Australian born workers for demand areas as health force and education. That's why MIA is creating a proposal to review the Skilled Migration and Temporary Activity Visa programs which would implement a 12 month mobility visa for overseas skilled workers.


This new visa project will be available for a small number of people but at the same time, the government will ensure that qualified Australian workers are still given a fair when about workforce is.


Further information is available in Migration Institute of Australia, Media Release 2015,  available for free download from the MIA website.


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Team Uvision Australia