Migration Review Tribunal (MRT)

The MRT is an independent body which reviews decisions made in respect of migration visas including visas for business, family reunion, students, skilled visas, partner visas, visitors, and decisions refuse sponsorship or refuse a nominated position or business activity.


The Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) conducts merit reviews of visa and visa-related decisions made by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


In reviewing a decision to refuse or cancel a visa, the tribunals are required to conduct a merits review that is ‘independent, fair, just, economical, informal and quick’.


Only registered migration agents can represent you at the MRT. There are a number of reasons why professional assistance can increase your prospects of success, such as: 

  • Communicate with the relevant tribunal on your behalf
  • Forward written submissions and written evidence to the Tribunal
  • Request access to documents in relation to your application
  • Accompany you to a Tribunal hearing. 

At Uvision Australia, all of our registered migration agents specialise in migration regulations and policy. If you have had your visa cancelled or refused, and you and wish to challenge the decision made by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, please contact us immediately since the time limits to lodge an appeal are strict, these time limits are relatively short. If you lodge your appeal after the time limit, the MRT will lose jurisdiction to review your case.


Examples of common time limits for application to the MRT are:  

  • 2 days: for review of a decision to refuse a bridging visa or cancel a bridging visa or to review a decision about a security bond; 
  • 7 days: for review of a decision to refuse a visa or cancel a visa or for a decision not to revoke a student visa. 

If you find yourself under any of these unfortunate circumstances, please contact us immediately today on 02 8064 7584