Migration Evaluation Assessments

After being in the education and migration industry for over a decade, we’ve identified how international students migrate to Australia without any indication, goals or plans, for when their student experience comes to an end.


As a result, we feel compelled to offer students the opportunity to get started on the right foot, help them understand how they can achieve their migration goals, and most important if it’s a realistic approach.


There are over 200 visa classes in Australia, and we understand everyone’s situation and goals are different. We want to aim to identify at least 3 different migration pathways for you to work towards during your stay in Australia.

The Program


This involves one of our experienced senior Migration advisors do an in-depth evaluation on your migration options based on key factors such as your age, educational background, work experience, relationship status and migration history.


Advantages of identify your pathways

  1. Save money: Even though there is a evaluation charge involved, it is minor when you compare it to the amount of money you could be wasting on a course which will not give you the chance to reach your personal, professional or migration goals.
  2. Save Time: There is nothing worst than looking back and realising you have wasted 2 years doing something that won’t count towards your goals. We want to make sure you are aware of your options as early as you arrive, as well what you need to work on to reach these. Ideally you want to do this analysis as soon as you arrive, however it is never too late to confirm from a professional if you’re on the right path, or need to make some changes.
  3. Clarity: Your mind works at it’s best when you’ve explored every avenue and possibilities to reach an objective. Therefore, you want to make sure you have a clear vision of the options you can achieve based on your merits. Remember all cases are different, specially when it comes to migration. Simply because your friend obtained a visa in a certain manner does not mean it will be the same for your situation.
  4. Preparation: Visa requirements change and some visas even abolish over time. You need to understand the industry trends and prepare yourself on how to tackle these changes if they happen during your pathway. For this reason, we aim to identify 2-3 pathways in the evaluation to have an option A, B & C.



The applicant will need to complete our Assessment Form. submit their most updated resume and payment.

Our migration advisor will:

Before the Evaluation Consultation:

  • Do a migration points test;
  • Evaluate if your profession is any of the national list of occupations list;
  • Evaluate if your profession is in any of the regional lists of occupations lists;
  • Identify any main challenges;
  • Set out your short terms goals;
  • Set out your long-term goals;
  • Prepare the different pathways you may be eligible to pursue.

During the Evaluation Consultation:

  • Explain in detail in person (or via Skype) the migration pathways you’re eligible for;
  • Explain your short and long-term goals for you to work towards
  • If applicable, address on how to overcome any challenges that you will face in pursuing your migration goals.
  • Answer any questions and clarify all doubts you may have;

After the Evaluation Consultation:

  • You will receive a document summarising the information and pathways provided in the evaluation consultation.




$200 + GST

Please visit our “Consultation Booking” section for our Terms and conditions.


Why Uvision Migration?


Uvision Migration is part of the Uvision Group founded in 2009. Over the last decade since our foundation, we have successfully established ourselves in the international education and migration division.


In that time, we have helped internatinoal students from all over the world fulfil their dreams of living, studying or working in Australia. We have helped people realise the exciting opportunities Australia has to offer in terms of migration, education and a stable, positive environment.


Today we are fully licensed by the Australian Government to provide migration pathways. Our company is registered by the Office Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA), we are proud long-term members of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) and Migration Alliance (MMA).


We offer this program in native languages, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 


If you would like to take advantage of this program please complete the form below, call 02 8040 4427 or email [email protected] to have one of our consultants contact and arrange a booking.



“Your vision, our mission”