Consultation Booking

It is essential you discuss your situation with a professional. 

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you book a consultation with one of our experienced Education or Migration professionals depending on your situation and needs.




These consultations are vital to analyse your situation in order to:

  • Advice on relevant visa options available;
  • Warn you of any important dates which may apply to you;
  • Inform you of any possible difficulties we may face in your application;
  • Brief you on criteria you must meet for your available visa options;
  • Advice you on all Government & Professional Fee Charges involved;
  • Give you an indication of the processing time for the visa option;
  • Give you written advice on what's been discussed.

It is very important to only book a consultation with one of our consultants only if you are considering Uvision to represent you in your visa/appeal application. If you wish to lodge an application yourself or other means it is highly advisable you look at other alternatives for advice.


Types & Pricing of Consultations


There are two types of consultations.


  1. Migration - These are designed for one of our Registered Migration Consultants to analyse your current situation and inform you on which visas you qualify for. They look after all visa subclasses such as; Partner, Skilled, Sponsor, Tribunal Appeals, etc. (for more visas available visit our visa sections >here<.

    Fees: Standard - $200 AUD + GST & 24hr less notice - $250 AUD + GST
  2.  Education - These are design for one of our Education Counselors to help student visa holders or prospective student visa holders, analyse their study options and costs. They will determine based on your education & employment background which are the best study options for your study goals and that will give you a high probability to get a student visa. Education counselors will work closely with our Migration consultants to determine your visa probabilities. Education counselors also look after students who currently hold a student visa that need advice on any of the support service we offer, visit our support section to familiarise yourself with all the free support we offer students who not necessarily have to be enrolled through Uvision, Find more information >here<.

    Fee - Free 



At Uvision our consultants are flexible and are happy to assist you in the following methods:

  • Person
  • Skype
  • Phone 
  • Whatsapp

Please also note that we have consultants from a variety of cultural backgrounds, so we should be able to cater an Education & Migration consultation in your native language.


In order to get the best possible outcome of your consultation you will be asked to complete an assessment form according to your type of consultation.


Please make sure this is completed and emailed back to our consultant with a copy your Passport and CV/Resume before your consultation day, this way we can analyse your situation in-depth for all possible visas.

Consultation Policy


It is important you understand the importance of our time, as we understand the importance of your time.


Our consultations are always in high demand, so in order to be able to deliver our services effectively to everyone, it is vital that you treat the allocated time with high respect to our consultants and other clients. 


Payments - We accept cash, bank deposits & Paypal, all payments will be processed with a receipt at the time of payment

Cancellations, lateness & No Shows - We treat our effectiveness highly serious, if you will be late, and/or will not be able to attend please let us know with as much time as you can so we can be fair re-organise and help our other clients adequately. Clients who do not show up and don't notify us will not be able to book another appointment with neither of our consultants again, this policy applies to both paid and non-paid consultation.

Privacy Policy


Uvision Australia abides to protect your privacy when visiting our website, attending consultations or seminars and opting into our online services.

Uvision adheres to the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) in relation to handing of personal information.

Collection of information- Information is collected primarily to allow contact with you, and update you on pertinent migration issues relating to Australia. This information is collected mainly through our online registration forms where details such your name, phone and email address may be collected.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information - Uvision Australia will only use personal information you have chosen to provide. Uvision Australia will not sell or disclose any personal information for any purposes without your consent.

Security - Uvision Australia operates on secure data networks that are designed to protect your privacy and security.  




Thank you for taking your time in understanding how we operate to serve all clients well and equally. To book a consultation please complete the form below or call +61 2 8040 4427, 1300 362 432 or email consu[email protected]


We look forward to work with you in the near future, "your vision, our mission"!