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Hernan Dario Ayala

Soy Hernan Dario Ayala de Argentina. Conocí Uvision Agency mediante un amigo Diego Fernando Peña, quien estaba gestionando su visa con ellos. Yo me encontraba intentando extender mi visa, junto con María mi esposa. Ana Maria Bedoya?, integrante del staff de Uvision, fue quien me asesoro, me mostro todas las opciones de college disponibles, los costos, ... (read more)

Jeffersson Fabian Díaz Urrea

Soy Jeffersson Fabian Diaz de Colombia. Mi pareja Angie Camacho y yo abogados en profesion. Llegamos a Australia hace 1 año. Vinimos con el objetivo de mejorar el ingles. Luego de cumplido nuestro proposito queriamos continuar en Autralia; y tuvimos la oportunidad de extender nuestras visas por 2 años mas hasta el 2020 para ... (read more)

Paula Alejandra Diaz

Soy Paula Alejandra Diaz de Colombia. He estado estudiando y preparandome para tener un buen nivel de ingles; ya que cuando llegue a Australia no tenia ingles. Para alcanzar un buen nivel de Ingles decidi extender mi visa la primera vez con Uvision Education y mi asesora fue Anita Bedoya.


Gracias a todo el apoyo brindado por Anita Bedoya ... (read more)

Sandra Santana

Resolvi estender o meu visto na Australia porque me apaixonei por Sydney e acho que apenas 6 meses de inglês nao são o suficiente para avançar. Como aqui você pode trabalhar para pagar o seu curso é uma excelente oportunidade. Além de melhorar o inglês você conhece pessoas do mundo inteiro, lugares maravilhosos e o clima é bem ... (read more)

Pablo Pinto

After looking at different options, I made the decision to do my process with Uvision Australia because the advice was excellent. One always has many doubts and all of them were resolved with patience and professionalism. Aditionally, in terms of price it was the best of all and with all academic discount it was one of the best colleges in ... (read more)

Sergio Pages

Hi my name is Sergio, I am from the Canary Islands of Spain. I’m 33 and I have been living in Sydney since Christmas day last year (2016). I work as a cleaner, I am studying my second course. My first course was 30 weeks of English (I did not speak potatoes when I arrived) and now I am doing ... (read more)

Erika Korinfsky

Thank you!! Today I started the week with amazing news, my visa to study a masters in Project Management has been approved. This will mean 4 years more in the land of Kangaroos, Australia. I want to thank the entire team, especially Marcelo for assisting with the entire visa process. 

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Bruna Almeida

Visa approved for another 2 years, thank you guys for the great work! 100% recommend! 

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Miguel Rincon

Thank you for all the work that was given to my visa application process, I always felt guided and supported by a big group of professionals, Ana Isabel, Ana Maria and Vanessa; thank you so much to all three whom true personalised my process and my girlfiend's by always being there to clarify any concern. Thank you Uvision! 

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Paula Diaz

I loved the process that undertook with my counselors Ana Bedoya and Vanessa Morena which completely reliable and successful, thousands of thanks!

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Daniel Sarrazola

My experience with UVISION was nothing but AMAZING. Since day one l was told about how the process it was going to be and my consultant was always honest about saying the outcome could be positive or negative, they never guaranteed anything to me, however they said they were going to help me to fullfil all the requiriments and that ... (read more)

Estaban and Nathaly

Hi, we are Estaban and Nathaly from Colombia and after a long process we finally arrived in Sydney! We are very happy to be next to our counselor and in the office where our entire process was organised. Thank you Ana and Uvision for your excellent advise, everything online and guiding us throughout the entire process, complete thank you! 

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Juliana Andrande

Yesterday I received the news that my visa renewal was approved! Uvision helped me with the whole process that lasted about a month and helped me in creating my curriculum-six months of a course in Cambridge and two more years in vet! Thank you Uvision! 

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Camila Landgraf

Dear Flavio Marcelo Lusardo! I would like to thank you again for all the support that you and Uvision have given in relation to my visa. All of you have been 100% professional. From my heart, I thank you and wish you much success. Now to apply for the visa of my daughter, Mel! 

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Camila Moreira

I would like to congratulate the entire Uvision team for the attention, agility and affection that were offered to me during my renovation. Especially Marcelo and Vanessa, who gave me all the support before, during and even after leaving my visa. The best agency without a doubt, I recommend with your eyes closed !!!!

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Ana Coan

Uvision was the right choice. I was reffered by a friend to do my renewal process with them and Marcelo and Vanessa recieved me with sympathy and competence. My visa was applied in Jan 17th and in less than two weeks my visa granted! Really happy with the achievement. Thanks Uvision! 

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Elaine De Souza

I would like to thank the entire Uvision team for your support from the moment I decided to study in Australia. My entire process was online, my contact method with the education counselors was through Skype, emails and whats app since the agency is located in Sydney, Australia and I was in Brazil at the time. 


I received all ... (read more)

Murilo Dorneles

I would like to thank Marcelo and all his staff for the support that was given in my visa renewal. From the beginning to the end of the process they were always very polite and committed, they helped me whenever it was necessary with bureaucratic problems. Company worthy of recommendation, thank you!!

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Joselyn Machuca

My experience with Uvision was incredibly good. Jhon was always willing to help me out with any concerns and in a very time efficient manner. As a result, my visa process was very fast (four days) and without any problems. 100% recommend! 

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Neto Notoni

Like a good Brazilian, I left my visa renovation to the last minute. I contacted Uvision Australia and I received quality service and all my concerns related to my studies cleared by the great Marcelo, who even during holiday period went to the office to attend to me. That’s what I call VIP service!!! Since we did not have much ... (read more)

Luan Dinh

This morning I am very happy and excited that I can continue to study in Australia. I got my student visa granted after few months of waiting in anxiety and worries. Thanks to Uvision Team, especially Ana, my colleague who had help me a lot in preparing my documents, encouraging me and giving many valuable advices regarding my case. I ... (read more)

Petros Schutz Shilling

Visa approved with the excellent Uvision Education!
Thank you for the best service from Marcelo Lusardo and Isabel Alonso, it will now be my third year in Australia studying at AIT.
Uvision offers a different and unique service in comparison to most agencies and for those who would like to stay in Australia or just stay for 6 ... (read more)

Teki Ademi

Hello I'm Teki and in September I came to Australia on a tourist visa and then I tried to apply for a visa to student so I was lucky to know Uvision Australia agency. They welcomed me very well and kindly offered me an a good priced school followed by getting my visa in a short time. Any problem I had, I would turn to them. Uvision has a very ... (read more)

Gabriela and Diogo

To extend my partner visa with Uvision and receive all its support was a great and awesome experience that my husband and I have had. The amazing consultants Marcelo and Vanessa were always willing to help us with important details that have made all difference in the decision of what course and institution we should choose and They also were ... (read more)

Otavio Nunes

After four inexplicable months in Sydney, I had to face the reality of of my visa renovation. Thank you Uvision for easing me through this turbulent phase and helping me throughout the entire visa renovation process.

Like my life cannot without emotion, I now can simply only feel happy whilst enjoying my vacation in Sydney. Although ... (read more)

Rocio Valdivia

My experience with Uvision has been very pleasant. Since I’ve arrived I had and still have the unconditional support of Ana Alonso in any situation as a student and professional. I enjoyed the service the company offered to students from all around the world, including myself. I want to thank Uvision for their support and time in answering any of ... (read more)

Yeimy Arias

My journey with Uvision was a really great experience as they helped and guided to make the best decisions according to my professional goals. I was always in communication with Vanessa throughout the entire process of obtaining a visa and education enrolments and I really had all the support from the beginning until my visa was granted. Thank you Uvision!

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Magaly Segura

My experience of having the opportunity to travel to Australia was incredible. I felt at complete ease by the support of Uvision’s counselors offered to me. My counselor Vanessa was attentive and available to answer all of my questions at all times. Shortly after my application was lodged, I received an email stating my student visa was granted. I could ... (read more)

Angela Betancourth

My coaching session with Marcelo from Uvision was wonderful. He is a sensible person and provides the right advice which manages to touch your heart and reflect in a profound way... I made a very important decision in my life, thanks to the coaching session that was facilitated by a professional. Marcelo provides the right tools that drives you to ... (read more)

Evelyn Gastaminza

Like many, I mostly share an aspiration or vision to experience living in a city like Sydney, Australia. In my situation, my visa application was a dream turned into reality as my visa was approved in under 48 hours! I share this experience to encourage others to not hold back and continue aspiring. Greetings to everyone that are in Australia ... (read more)

Angie Rincon

In October 2015, I requested to renew my student visa and unfortunately was rejected. Consequently, a friend recommended a migration agency; Uvision Australia and more specifically that there was a competent lawyer that could help me launch my tribunal appeal process. I immediately began my appeal with Mr. Uribe, who was very organised...

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Matias Munoz

My student visa was about to expire and Uvision found quick solutions to obtain my visa and settle down in Australia to pursue my passion in fitness and sports. I was treated like a friend rather a client that guided me throughout the whole process and afterwards of settling in Australia. The service is a long-term investment as ... (read more)

Teresa Donoso

What I like most about Uvision is their on-going support and its friendly vibes. I think it is very important to have a helpful service and a counselor that is always on your case. With my counselor I always had the sensation that I was the only person being attended, always having quick response and attention. The service was ... (read more)

Nahuel Quesada

The service they provided was 100% great. From the beginning, they provided the necessary and important information to answering all my questions that were not directly related to my studies. I knew that I made the best choice as other potential agencies would ask for very large sums of money and others did not give confidence as they ... (read more)

Juan Arzola

I was worried about my cancellation and termination of work and holiday visa until I found Uvision Australia on the web. Ana, our incredible education counsellor guided my partner and I to obtain a visa and extend our stay in Australia. Uvision Australia is different from other agencies in their professional services, taking you through a step-by-step obtain ... (read more)

Testimonio de Carmen Esteve

Yo soy de Valenciana y a mediados del 2015 contacte a Uvision Australia para que me ayudaran y asesoraran con mi aplicacion visa de estudiante para hacer un Certificado III en Hairdressing. Hoy en dia gracias a mis estudios he podido abrir mi propio salon de belleza en mi casa donde ofresco descuentos especiales a estudiantes 


Estoy muy agradecida ... (read more)


Come mai hai pensato di fare un intership?

Perché ho pensato fosse un’ottima opportunità per tre motivi: Arricchire la mia esperienza lavorativa e personale, migliorare il livello di inglese, farmi conoscere nell’ambiente australiano.


A chi ti sei rivolto e chi ti ha aiutato nella ricerca e nella scelta dell’ internship?

Mi sono rivolto alla Uvision Australia, che mi ha ... (read more)

Verónica Carreño

Mi experiencia con UVISION ha sido una de la mejores. Es mi segunda application a la Visa de estudiante y gracias a mi agente Karla Perez todo salió muy rápido. Siempre con un respaldo amigable y de confianza.
Muchas gracias por hacer de el engorroso trámite de Visa algo tan simple y sencillo !
100% recomendable
Veronica Carreno.

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La testimonianza di Marcello.

Il mio arrivo è prossimo....finalmente , se tutto va bene,tra qualche giorno sarò a Sydney!!!! 
Con questa mail  intendo ringraziare ufficialmente UVISION AUSTRALIA nella persona di Emanuela Turano per il lavoro svolto , il supporto  e il sostegno
offertomi  in questo periodo !!  
Mi hanno colpito i numerosi servizi offerti, la Grande attenzione alle esigenze di chi scrive, gentilezza infinita e velocità nello sbrigare le pratiche!!!  
... (read more)

Testimonio- Alfredo Espino

Hola! Quiero dejar evidencia de mi buena experiencia con esta agencia. Karla y Marina me asesoraron efectivamente, el tramite fue sencillo y no requirió mas que dos o tres correos. Ya tengo mi Visa renovada hasta el 2018

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La testimonianza di Roberto:

Ciao a tutti, sono Roberto Di Vico laureato in economia e management presso l'universita’ Luiss Guido Carli in Roma. Tanti mi chiedono perchè scegliere l'Australia ? Beh Semplicemente perchè questo è un Paese fantastico dalle mille opportunità. Studiare e lavorare qui è davvero semplice se ci si affida alla persone giuste e ad associazioni serie come Uvision. Attualmente studio presso ... (read more)

Luvin Dinh

Thanks to Uvision's team, I just got my graduate visa (visa 485) which has been granted this morning. With professional manner and enthusiastic attitude from Uvision, my visa has been granted in very short period of time. I highly recommend that if you need help for your visa or any education issues, Uvision can help you to achieve your goal ... (read more)

Patricia Chávez

Infinitamente agradecida con Uvision y con todo su equipo de trabajado. Es una agencia preparada, eficiente y muy ágil. Ya es la 2da renovación que hago con ellos y estoy muy contenta ya que mis tramites han sido muy rápidos y me han dado las mejores propuestas en cuanto a escuela y presupuesto. Altamente recomendada esta agencia. Muy agradecida.

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Testimonial- Andres Zarate

I had a great experience since UVISION carried out all the process to get my student visa, they helped me out to pick out the best school`s option according to my requirements and they carried out the process until my visa was granted, overmore UVISION team is still looking after me in regarding my student condition, I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT GUYS, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

... (read more)

La testimonianza di Leonardo:

Ho scelto l'Australia perché é da molto che la sentivo nominare,tutti quelli

che ci sono stati me ne hanno parlato in maniera molto positiva.

Un mio collega nel 2009 si è trasferito a Perth e da li é nata la voglia di venirci....ma lavoro e amore non me lo permettevano.

Il destino ha voluto che per una serie di eventi ... (read more)

Patricia Werneck

Being a Film Producer and having a travel agent sister I always found that I could sort everything out by myself, no matter what the issue was. When I realized my Australian Visa was expiring I had to seek an Australian legal advice regarding the prospects I wanted to follow. I came across UVISION and had a meeting with their ... (read more)

Elisangela Dos Santos

Hi I am from Brazil and my experience  with an agency Uvision Australia was great!

They provided me a fast and accurate service with quality,  friendly service and support that I needed. 





(read more)

Sandra Lazarte

Hi my name is Sandra, a few months ago i had the desire to help my nephew Bryan Abanto to come to Australia to study but i didnt know anything about the topic, I had the luck to be reffered to Roberto Uribe whom i got intouch with and he helped me the most efficient manner in reference to student ... (read more)

Emiline Collet

Hi my name is Emiline and I am from France. I came to Australia on a tourist visa and before I wanted to go back to my country I wanted to perfect my English. I was referred to Uvision Australia and within my first meeting with the team I was told of all my visa options. I selected the one ... (read more)

Juan Archila

"For a long time a had the hope to visit a family of mine in Australia, the distance from my country didnt let me think this was possible. Here is when Uvision Australia, Roberto Uribe got in contact with me and helped me put together the necesary to make it a reality. Now i find myself studying the language of ... (read more)

Franco Vásquez Infante y Familia

MY name is Franco Vasquez and I have 25 years of age. My wife and daughter Isabella we are all from Peruvian Nationality and with this message we want to say big thank you for all the hard work received from Uvision Australia. The team was very professional and dedicated to reach a series of objectives. Our principal objective was ... (read more)

Felipe Valero Mejia

My visa process started the first days of July and in October 2012, I was in Sydney with a student visa, however i was already in contact with Roberto Uribe. That’s when a very good friend of mine who resides in Sydney informed me of this company (Uvision Australia) for all kinds of services in relation to migration needs .

... (read more)

Oscar Delgado

Oscar Delagado


Hi my name is Oscar Delgado, I am of Chilean Nationality. I decided to come to Australia because i wanted to learn the English language and that for me was easier to achieve here in Australia than in my home country Chile. I always wanted to see in person how the living standards were in this country. ... (read more)

Lucida Leon

Hi my name is Lucida, I am a Peruvian born but i am an Australian citizen. This country (Australia) is beautiful with plenty of opportunities, that is why in 2011 I decided to apply for a student visa for my sister to come expand her education. For that reason i contacted the agency Uvision Australia who was highly recommended by ... (read more)

Marylin Zegarra

possibility to study what i really wanted to study. I was studying a course which was no where near what i wished to practice in the work force in my country, I was losing time and money, here is where i found Uvision Australia... <read more>

(read more)

Maritza Barranzuela

Why did you chose Australia for your destination?


because i know this is a country with plenty of opportunities, also because in this country you can reach your goals since it has a very good economic growth, that is why i chose Australia for my future and my daughter's....<read more>

(read more)

Corina Milla

Why did you chose Australia for your destination?

because i saw that in this country i could offer a better future to my son. I wanted to send my son to study overseas and Australia was the best option by far, because he is a minor (under age) I was given the opportunity to come with him on a ... (read more)

Julio Candela

Everything is going very well for me in Australia!, even though it was a little difficult to get used to everything, specially to be so far away from my family. Still this experience helps me grow as a person. Its an experience that only living it you can describe it. The first few months in Australia i found my first job...... (read more)

Danny Vasquez Briones

A greeting to everyone, my name is Danny Vasquez Briones, i am Peruvian from the city of Lima and my trip to Australia is by far the best thing that has happened to me in my life until now. This country is marvelous and i am sure this is the beginning of many good things to come for me, and ... (read more)

Martiza Malpica

Hi my name is Maritza, I am from the city of Tumbes in Peru. A few months ago i promised to give my son Marcel the best education i could, and I knew that travelling to Australia was going to be his best option. I wanted my son to continue his studies and receive the best education. This is how ... (read more)