Visa Limitations

If you travel to Australia on a student visa it means you will be a temporary resident. The department of Immigration and Border Protection will attach conditions to every type of Australian Visas, which you must comply with. To make sure your visit in Australia is positive, Uvision Australia will ensure your understand all your visa conditions. Our team will advice you to comply with all your visa conditions and obligations during your whole stay. Compliance with your visa conditions and obligations is solely your responsibility.


There a different types of visa conditions which may be imposed to you as a student, this will vary depending on your country of residence, circumstances and your assessment level.


In this section we'll list the mandatory visa conditions which generally apply to all visas, and also discretionary visa conditions which the visa officer may chose to impose on you.   


Mandatory Visa Limitations


Work limitations


This condition allows for limited work within Australia:


Students and their dependent family members with permission to work must not undertake work until the main student visa holder has started their course in Australia. They are limited to 40 hours work per fortnight while their course is in session, but may work unlimited hours during formal holiday periods. Holders of a Postgraduate Research (subclass 574) visa who have started their course have unrestricted permission to work.


Where students are on a Higher Education (subclass 573) visa, Postgraduate (subclass 574) or AusAID and Defence (subclass 576) visa and have started a masters or doctorate course, any family member who has permission to work can do so for unlimited hours.


Student visa holders found to be working in excess of their limited work rights  may be subject to visa cancellation.


How is 40 hours per fortnight calculated?


A fortnight means a period of 14 days starting on any Monday and ending on the second following Sunday.


For example, a student works the following numbers of hours:


    Week 1: 10 hours
    Week 2: 30 hours
    Week 3: 20 hours
    Week 4: 20 hours


During the second fortnight (Week 2 and Week 3 combined), the student worked more than 40 hours and is in breach of visa conditions.


Change of address


Students must inform their education provider of their current residential address within seven days of arrival and of any change of address in Australia within seven days of the change. Students must also notify their current provider of any change of enrolment to a new provider.


Family members


Family members aged 18 years or over may only study for up to three months. If they want to undertake a course of study that exceeds three months, they must apply for a student visa in their own right.


School-age family members, children aged 5–18 years, who join the student in Australia for more than three months must attend school. The student must meet any associated education or tuition costs for that child.


A student's child aged 18 years or over cannot apply for a student visa as a family member. If they want to study in Australia, they must apply for a student visa in their own right.


Chose the correct Course/Institution


You must remain enrolled in a registered course. Note: a registered course is one that is on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).


Attendance and Academic Progress


You must maintain satisfactory attendance in your course and course progress for each study period as required by your education provider. Uvision Australia recommends you maintain a most minimum an attendance of 80%.


A condition of your visa is that you must make satisfactory academic progress. If at any point you feel you are at risk of failing to make satisfactory academic progress, please approach your teacher for guidance or contact our Uvision team as soon as possible to advise you what steps to take.


Overseas Health Insurance (OSHC)


All students and accompanying family members must obtain overseas student health cover (OSHC) for the whole duration of their visa. Students from Belgium, Norway and Sweden may not need OSHC if they have acceptable health cover offered by those countries. To give obtain the most competitive price for OSHC please contact our team of consultants, Uvision has partnerships with various Health Insurance provider and we'll quote you the best price that fits your circumstances.



Discretionary Limitations


No Work


The case officer may feel to impose a condition on your visa that doesn’t allow you to work in Australia.

Note: You may apply for a new Student visa with Permission to Work when you have arrived in Australia and commenced your course.


Cannot apply for further visas, other than; Student, Graduate or guardian (sometimes)


This visa condition is mandatory for countries from assessment level 3+. However the visa officer may impose this condition on your visa. If you have this condition please contact our team so one of our migration advisors can explain your options further.




If you're not sure which visa limitations have been imposed on your visa, or don’t understand one/several of the conditions, please contact our team immediately. It is very important you understand your visa conditions, if you don’t comply with these, it could result on your visa being cancelled.


Additionally, if you have breached any of the conditions above and the department of immigration and border protection has already been in contact with you, it may not be too late to regulate your situation, Please contact our team so our registered migration agents can offer you migration advice and professional assistance. 


Thank you,


Team Uvision Australia