Migration Services

At Uvision Australia we dont just look after your education needs. Our firm is qualified and registered to offer all kinds of migration services; such as visa services, corporate services, tribunal appeals (for cancelled or refused visas), unlawful status, detention, citizenship and other destinations. 

Visa Services


There are a variety of visa streams for people who would like to migrate to Australia. They can be divided in a few major groups.


In order to give you a better understanding of the types of visas that are out there, here are the most popular visas. The most suitable one for you will depend on your intentions in Australia, how long you’re planning to be here and your circumstances.

Please find below the visa and migration services we are qualified to offer you: 


Other Services

Additionally to the above visa services, Uvision Australia is also qualified to offer the following migration tasks:




This section makes no recommendation as to which visa is appropriate for you or whether you would be granted any visa. You may be eligible for visas other than those displayed in this section. In order to get a more accurate response about which visa would best suit your circumstances, please fill out the “Free online assessment” or “Contact Us” directly to help you with any type of visas. 


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