Marketing is an exciting and dynamic industry which is all around us. In order to succeed in marketing as well as any business related job a thirst for education needs to be shown to your future or current employers. Nothing shows commitment to the industry more than studying and improving your skills.


This course will train your to understand the key components that go into marketing which includes a focus on your critical thinking and problem solving skills. By the time you finish this course you will have the ability, skills and confidence to design and implement your own marketing campaigns in your desired industry. The online study option allows this course to be done at your own pace and whatever time suits your schedule best.


If you are currently working in business and want to move to marketing or you have always been intrigued about marketing and what goes on behind the scenes then this course is for you. It will give you the skills needed to have a successful career business and marketing.


Career opportunities

Possible job titles once you have completed your course include:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Team Leader 


Our Courses Are Delivered By

Diploma of Marketing  (MEGT 3945).             



What next?


You can enrol online to start your course right away  through here, request an information pack or call back from one of our qualified education advisors.

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