Information and Communication Technologies

Put your IT skills to use in a business concept to discover the exciting different career paths that IT can provide. These courses will help you become an essential part of any business team. We are very much in the technological era and IT has become a massive industry with a lot of opportunity for those who are interested.

This course is designed to provide you with a great understanding of how IT in a business context works and learn essential skills like building IT systems, databases, professional communication and much more. Using real-life business examples these courses will help you develop your skills so you’re workforce ready. The Online Study option allows you to study where and when you want to best suit your schedule and your personal needs.

This course is perfect for those are naturally gifted with technology and would like to start a career in business or for those currently working in business and want to diversify their skills and move up the corporate ladder.


Career Opportunities

Once completed this course possible job titles include:

  • IT project management
  • software development
  • database development
  • web development
  • Computer Games Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Designer
  • Much more 


Our Courses Are Delivered By

Diploma & Bachelor of Media Design (AIT 90511)                                            

Diploma & Bachelor of Digital Media Technologies  (The Left Bank via AIT - 90511)        

Diploma of Game Development  (AIT 90511)                                                  

Diploma& Bachelor of Interactive Media  (AIT 90511)     




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