If you are curious about the inflows and outflows of money within a business context then accounting might be the profession for you. A very rewarding and in demand career, not only in Australia but around the globe, you can learn the global business language which is accounting.

This course will provide you with the skills and attributes needed to become successful in accounting. The courses focus on real business examples so that our students are ready for the business world. The Online Study option allows you to study where and when you want to best suit your schedule and your personal needs.

This course is perfect for those are currently working in business and would like to diversify their skills to move up the corporate ladder or those who have a passion for calculations and would like to start a career in business and finally for those who are interested in starting a business for an understanding of accounting is critical in running a successful small business.


Career Opportunities

Once completed this course possible job titles include:

  • Senior Financial Clerk            
  • BAS Agent
  • Office Manager.

Our Courses Are Delivered By

Diploma Of Accounting  (MEGT 3945).                       





What next?


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