Vocational (VET)

Studying at university is not always suitable for everyone. Vocational educational courses (VET) is alternative education pathway usually available to students who have completed high school to year 12. For some courses completion of year 10 is sufficient. To study a VET course it is necessary to have reached a sufficient level of English education. If you are in Australia, you need to have reached an upper intermediate level of English at a registered/recognised English course provider. If you are an international student applying to study in Australia you will need to have a minimum IELTS result of 5.5 or equivalent to study a VET course in Australia.

Vocational courses (VET = Vocational Education and Training) are provided by a large number of private colleges. These courses usually range between 6 months and 2 years. Most courses are designed to train students for a specific set of technical skills. 



The types of qualifications that can be obtained through studying at a private VET institution include the following:


  • Certificate/ Advanced Certificate: These courses are designed to provide basic skills and training for a particular employment industry. They vary in length from a few weeks to six or more months.
  • Diploma: Diplomas require one to two years of full-time study and prepare students for industry, enterprise and professional careers. A Diploma is often used as a link to gain entry into university courses. Some Diploma courses can be completed at university.
  • Advanced Diploma: These courses provide a high level of practical skills for employment in a specific career area. Considered higher than a Diploma, the course-which can vary in length, e.g. from 18 to 24 months-is often linked to further education in the university sector.
  • Degree : A degree program is another way to get into a university course, and is a popular option for students who decide they want to upgrade their Diploma into a Degree.


Popular VET Courses 


There is a large list of Vocational courses available for your study desires, here is a list of the most popular courses: 


  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Hairdressing
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Graphic Design
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Fitness
  • Human Resources
  • Computer Science
  • Commercial Cookery (Chef)
  • Much more!

We understand studying abroad can be costly so at Uvision Australia we offer monthly specials to help accommodate your desired study option. To find out what specials are currently available, please contact our student advisors on our  "Contact Us" section.


If you would like to undertake any of the above courses or have a course in mind that is not listed, please contact our education advisors so we can examine your situation and recommend which VET option and institution suits you best.


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